Calming to Mind, Opening to Insight

The Path and Practice of Mindfulness, Jhana and Insight

December 4-10, 2021

Online Retreat Schedule

Times are PDT

You may wish to adapt the schedule for your time zone or to suit your needs – adjusting meals, etc. and syncing with the group as much as possible.

Opening    Saturday Afternoon Dec 4              

4:00         Welcome, Overview and Logistics
4:45         Formal Opening:  Taking Refuges and Precepts
5:00         Sit with instructions
5:30         Dedication of merit, further self-guided practice or sleep for those on east coast

Sunday Dec 5 – Thursday Dec 9

Before 8:15 PDT:  Self-Guided Practice, Meal and Personal Time

*8:15         Meditation with Instructions, Q and A
9:15         Walking Meditation
10:00         Sit
10:45         Walk
11:30         Sit
12:15         Meal and personal time
1:30         Walk
2:00         Sit
2:45         Walk
*3:30         Sit: Guided Lovingkindness or Compassion
4:15         Stretch Break
*4:30         Dharma Talk
5:30         Meal and personal time
6:45         Sit
7:30         Walk
8:00         Sit
8:30         Walk
*9:00         Sitting Meditation with closing dedication of merit
9:30         Sleep or Further Practice

*   Richard will lead these sessions.  Others may be led by Richard or other practice leaders

Friday Dec 10

8:15         Meditation with Instructions, Q and A
9:15         Walk
10:00         Sit
10:45         Closing Words, Reflections and Suggestions for Continuing Practice at Home
11:30         Close


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