Financial Support

Continuing in the ancient Buddhist tradition, the Metta Dharma Foundation operates on a dana basis.  The Pali word dana means giving or generosity. In the spirit of dana, all Metta Dharma classes and events are offered freely. We depend solely on donations and no fees are charged for attending or participating in Metta Dharma activities.

If you have benefited from our programs, if you wish to support what happens at Metta Dharma, please consider making a financial contribution to support our teachers and our expenses.

A Note About Fees For Residential Retreats

The Metta Dharma Foundation sponsors residential retreats, for which a registration fee is charged. These fees pay the cost for renting the retreat facilities and for food. We hope to begin offering residential retreats on a 100% dana basis, and are actively raising funds to support this vision.

Donate to the Metta Dharma Foundation

The Metta Dharma Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization; your donations are tax deductible.


Classes, Programs, and Operational Expenses


Teacher Donations

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