Finding Freedom in Difficult Times

During times of uncertainty and stress, we need to find places of reliable refuge.  By taking time to calm our minds and open our hearts, we deepen attunement with our inner strength and resilience.  We are more able to respond, rather than react, to any situation with clarity and wisdom.  We can meet difficult times of worry and unease with loving presence and equanimity. Even a single person bringing a calm and kind presence can open the way for others to respond more wisely rather than react out of fear.

Through meditation and dharma practice we build the foundational supports of concentration, mindfulness and insight.  As our minds become more collected and centered, we open to deepening states of concentration, peace, clarity and calm abiding.  Take whatever opportunities you can to find ease in your body, cultivate clarity and calm, equanimity and love. You can then bring those qualities forth as you move back into your daily life.

Your noble intentions will be a refuge and guide when you find yourself surrounded by anxiety or confusion.  By connecting with and building upon your inner resources, you can make yourself a light in the world, a force contributing to less suffering and stress, and more well-being and ease, for others and yourself.

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