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Introduction to Concentration Meditation: Weekend Retreat

A Weekend Residential Meditation Retreat with Tina Rasmussen, Stephen Snyder and Richard Shankman

Dates | September 22 – 29, 2018

Location | Angela Center, Santa Rosa, CA | Map

Cost | $185 (cost does not include teacher dana)

Description |

Concentration is the ability of the mind to become calm, collected and undistracted. Because a steady, undistracted mind is especially clear and perceptive, awareness is unclouded and insights come on profound levels.

Led by three leading teachers of concentration meditation, we will learn practices for developing undistracted clarity and deepening calm, building a strong foundation for the arising of insight.

Registration | To register, please download the following 3 forms:

  1. Introduction to Concentration Meditation Retreat Registration Application
  2. Liabiltiy Release Form
  3. Retreat Information Form

Mail the application and liability release to:  Metta Dharma Foundation, 79 Templar Place, Oakland CA  94618

About the Teachers |

Tina Rasmussen, Ph.D., learned to meditate at the age of 13 and has been meditating for over 30 years. She was ordained as a Theravada Buddhist nun by Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw of Burma, who also authorized her to teach. Tina is the co-author of Practicing the Jhanas, (Shambhala), as well as several books on human potential.

Stephen Snyder began practicing Buddhist meditation in 1976, practicing for 20 years with several Western Zen masters. In 2005, he completed a retreat with Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw of Burma who later authorized him to teach. Stephen is the co-author of Practicing the Jhanas (Shambhala), and works with students worldwide.

Richard Shankman has been a meditator since 1970, and teaches at Dharma centers and groups internationally. He is guiding teacher of the Metta Dharma Foundation, and cofounder of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies and of Mindful Schools. Richard is the author of The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation and The Experience of Samadhi.

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Weekly Meditation Group

Wednesday evenings | 7:15pm - 9:15pm
Led by Richard Shankman
Meditation, Dharma Talk and Discussion
St. Clement's Episcopal Church
2837 Claremont Blvd., Berkeley
Enter at the Rear of the Building, on Claremont Ave. (go down ramp from the sidewalk).
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Monthly Meditation Practice and Study Daylongs

Dates | 2018:
Saturday: April 21
Beginning in May, the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Silent Meditation Practice, with some meditation instruction and dharma talks | 9am - 4pm
St. Clement's Episcopal Church
2837 Claremont Blvd., Berkeley
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